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| NIghtLife Security Services

Unfortunately, education facilities and its students and staff are vulnerable to incidences of criminal damage, unauthorised access, theft, arson and violence.  Aware that the security of education facilities and its attendees can never be overemphasized, we have put together a formidable package for the protection of education facilities and everybody in it.

How Do We Keep Your Facility Secured?

We conduct varied activities, practices and techniques designed to protect facilities.  From providing a physical presence through to alarm response, patrols and covert surveillance, we have strategies that ensure the safest and most secure facilities as possible.  We also provide the following:

Risk Assessments

As soon as you engage the services of Nightlife Security Services, we assess all aspects of the facility, its practices and procedures.  We report vulnerabilities and make recommendations.  These recommendations are the first stages providing your facility with the security it requires.

Emergency Response

We analyse the current process, observe it in operation and make recommendations.  Having evaluated the security level of your facility, we proceed with the training of both staff and students on how to respond in the case of an emergency.  Our very simple but highly effective training program avails your facility, staff and students the opportunity to protect themselves in times of emergencies

And More

When you have our security officers at your facility you can be assured that the finest officers who possess working with children checks, current immunisations and extensive experience in managing all situations.

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