We have extensive experience in providing quality services to Bars, Pubs and Clubs for over 14 years.  Whilst patrons notice our security presence, we provide professional security officers who are aides to the venue, not deterrents.  Our supervisors and security officers assist in the smooth operations of venues across Western Australia.  We provide consistency as well, so if you are looking for a security provider who can provide consistency and reliability, you have come to the right operator.  

We Help You Maintain Calm

Commonly, we find that clients who identify our professional edge choose us.  We only employ quality communicators who are easy to understand and have the ability to interpret body language and actions of others well before they speak.  We see other companies employing poor standard security officers who inflame situations through poor skills.  This can be very costly for all involved.

We work with management at venues to ensure the safest possible operations are conducted, eliminating risk and assisting in the smooth operation of the venue.  If your clients are going home after having a fun enjoyable night at a safe venue in Western Australia, chances are they were quietly and efficiently assisted by our security presence.

There Is Much More

We enforce all regulations to ensure venues are not subject to unwanted scrutiny due to poor service or standards.  We strictly enforce entry and exit procedures and all licencing requirements. Additionally, our security officers ensure that the general conduct of your venue is in a friendly manner.  Overall the professional service we provide has stood out for many years and we intend to keep it that way.  Contact us to ensure your venue is provided first class service.

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