Our holistic community security services works in partnership with local councils, developers, builders, local business operators, community groups and members to provide a multi faceted security approach.  Others attempt community security yet fail, Nightlife Security has provided professional security services to an extensive list of clients for many years.

Be it foot patrols or mobile security, we have the ability to provide quality services to community regions and events.  Our operators importantly enjoy working in communities and making a difference, we are locals too, and we enjoy looking after locals. We can also:

  • Watch over your property or facilities, in residential and commercial areas. 
  • Respond to emergency situations that require urgent attention of security personnel
  • Provide a physical presence to ensure good conduct is maintained within your community. 
  • Protect the integrity of your checkpoints by ensuring only approved entry of people into the neighbourhood is afforded.
  • Manage the shut down of your facility or residence if the need arises.

Call us today for a quote or enquiry. Our lines are always open and we are always ready to provide you with the security you deserve.

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